As we all attempt to get back into the daily grind of transit gridlock, never-ending dull workdays and annoying colleagues it doesn’t hurt to remember a little thing called Summer. Remember those last minute plans – out of town debacles – party riots? Of course you do. While some promos promised packaged deals and overused slogans (“this is the best party of the summer”) other shindigs simply delivered with talent and spectacle.

When: August 12, 13,14 – [South Algonquin (Madawaska, Ontario)]
Price: $150 and up

Destiny pretty much controls electronic music in Canada, especially in the big talent bookers market. The music mixologists continue to have a stronghold on worthy acts, rotating scenesters and diehard drum & bass devotees. You don’t mess with Destiny.

Held just outside Algonquin Park, with party busses and oodles of first-time ‘dubstep is life’ people, to some it may have felt like high school where the seniors just wanted to pants the freshmen and steal their swag of sweets.

With true-to-sound names like Infected Mushroom and Andy C alongside new craze favs like Rusko, Skrillex and Calvin Harris the passion was there, just in spread out doses.

Tower of Destiny

The Tower of Destiny, a sky-high cubed stage projecting a full-on trippy Audio and Visual odyssey was one of the main pleasures. Think trance-like sound hydraulics coupled with split-screen colours and worldly producers conducting the noise. Now add in strobe lights, naked people and bass, lots and lots of bass.

Coming from a festival weekend in Montreal where music died down around midnight to a weekend where partiers woke up at midnight was an odyssey in itself.

WEMF involved some serious stamina. If you had to stray from the group to crash out briefly the howls and explosive vibrations didn’t stop for any sleeping beauty shuteye. True story.

Then came the War of the Worlds sky, the torrential downpour and the field of wet dreams. Next were the “yea buddy”, and “let’s get f%^^ up” chants. Saturday antics were full throttle and although there were those guys you wished stopped trying so hard or those girls that just don’t get it – it seemed like most the freshmen and the seniors shared an overlapping vision of partying.

Choice Pick: Rusko