Sleep & Insomnia (Varying Forms of Existence and Poetry)

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Why Troll-Impostor and his collection of colour videos matter?

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The Evolution of the Telephone: WhatsApp, and Speaking in Stickers

The Evolution of the Telephone: WhatsApp, and Speaking in Stickers

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The Art and Literature of Japan’s Emoji Phenomenon

An exploration of the literary and artistic aspects of the Japanese emoji phenomenon.

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Breaking News, On Your Coffee Cup

Newspapers are in the coffin. Print media is dead. Ink is over. This refrain has become like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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The Evolution of Art and Culture at NXNE + 7 Good Bands

My first and only prior trip to NXNE was back in 2007. Let me tell you, five years really is an eternity when it comes to digital culture.

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Spread The Good Word

I am standing on a stadium ground, with a duffel bag filled with imagination. The night is a rich velvety black. From somewhere up in the bleachers, comes a murmur, “Yes, yes, me!” Behind me, a squeaky voice, not unlike that of SpongeBob SquarePants, calls, “Over here.” “Hello,” coos another one, from what sounds like an undersea tunnel. I blink, and the scene vaporizes coldly.

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Five Takes On Digital Boringness

The Internet is over 40 years old; the World Wide Web, over 20. Google has made the Internet navigable. Apple has made it portable. Facebook has made it social. So, it’s all happened, then? Maybe that’s why we keep encountering more of the same.

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E-Book Immortality and Nostalgia Yellowing, Gone

There is a secondhand bookstore not far from where I live called Recycled Books. The purple-hued two-story building sits on the northeast corner of the town square in Denton, Texas-- only a stumble away from the local bars, an antique mall with a truly impressive collection of faux-medieval edged weapons, and a pizza place that is kind enough to let my band play in their basement and pay us in cases of Schlitz.

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Honey, I Shrunk The #Words

“Flash fiction,” as an example of miniature literature, is not new, and antedates social media. But, the advent of Facebook and Twitter, and its clones, may have, fanned the trend toward pithiness. They have fostered a written culture where brevity trumps it all.

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