ZOUCH Close-up: Tim Gerwing – Music for the Inner Listener

Canadian musician and multi-instrumentalist, Tim Gerwing, talks to Zouch Magazine about his new album, Scorpius Rising. Gerwing is the founder of the 30 Days Project, and regularly performs with Haram.

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‘Interstellar’ By Frankie Rose Is Cosmic, Mystical, And Full Of Life

Frankie Rose never intended to be a musician. In fact, she’s only really been making money from music for a year. She used to bartend in Brooklyn (where she’s still based), and the longest job she ever held was that of a bike messenger in San Francisco. Go figure.

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Not A Planet, At The Neptune

After getting there before everyone else, I took in the small stage that would erupt later that night. The blue light above the amplifiers would cascade over a riveting classic rock n’ roll show.

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Talking ‘Sweet Sour’ with Russell Marsden from BAND OF SKULLS

The rock trio has a way of swallowing blues and rock, only to then spew out a soundscape that tugs without caution.

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Documenting S.C.U.M Moments, An Interview With Bradley Baker

Bradley Baker is new to the photography world but, with that said, he has captured a surrealism that invokes your imagination. Whether he is on tour around Europe or witnessing something majestic, he has his camera on the ready.

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Degeneration: An Interview with The Dears' Natalia Yanchak

Degeneration: An Interview with The Dears’ Natalia Yanchak

The Dears returned last year with the release of Degeneration Street, their fifth studio album. The refreshing track list ignites remembrance to former years, indulging listeners with Brit-rock noise and smooth appeal.

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Music Review: Brad Oberhofer’s “Time Capsules II”

‘Time Capsules II’ features charming love-rock ballads, pulled from a former serious bond and the adoption of moving to New York to attend school.

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The Harmonious Happenings of The Reckoners

The Harmonious Happenings of The Reckoners

It’s pretty safe to say that your first album is a success when the worst review you get states that your CD would be good to bring home to a girlfriend.

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Peter Gatien, Limelight & The Party In Clubland

Peter Gatien, Limelight & The Party In Clubland

The film "Limelight" exposes the 90’s club scene through a journey of New York’s sex, drugs and rock-and-roll lifestyle. Peter Gatien was one of its curators.

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Chad Vangaalen playing a bunch of instruments in a yard

ZOUCH Closeup: Chad VanGaalen

This west-coast troboudour’s stunning artistic ability is one that stretches beyond just the mic.

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