Belgium-based artist Pascal Janssen knows how to work with faces. Janssen’s art is instantly recognizable for its vivid and intimate portraits, enlivened textures, surrealist collages, and familiar faces.

Mac DeMarco by Pascal Janssen

Mac DeMarco by Pascal Janssen

Canadian musician, Mac DeMarco is one of Janssen’s favourite artists. Applying lipstick is no doubt one of DeMarco’s favourite past-times. Janssen depicts the iconic image with loyalty to the original, and brushstrokes borrowed from the Impressionists. Contrast and texture are subtle but defining qualities of Janssen’s art.

syd barrett pascal janssen

Syd Barrett by Pascal Janssen

Musicians are a constant source of inspiration and influence in Janssen’s work, as well as psychedelia, and existential crises.


Peyote by Pascal Janssen

Even in a piece titled “Peyote,” there is a fixation with the face’s essence; a desire to catch shifting expressions and perceptions is evident.

mind flowers 2 desktop

Mind Flowers 2 by Pascal Janssen

Seemingly incongruous neon is softened by shades of brown and blue, drawing attention to the centre and inviting the viewer to meditate on the vitality of the mind. Janssen definitely has fun making his art, and enjoys sharing his experiences, too.

Trippin' at the Beach by Pascal Janssen

Trippin’ at the Beach by Pascal Janssen

It’s no surprise that twenty-one year old Janssen has a sense of humour and uses imaginative collage techniques to subvert iconic images. Janssen’s collages are as captivating as his portraits of musicians and friends.