3D Toys: From Metal To Paper

3D Toys: From Metal To Paper

It is no surprise that since time of Frank Hornby, D.I.Y. toys, like everything else have, in steps, gotten lighter, more portable, and convenient.

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A Look at the INVASION of the CTDs (Celebrity Turned Designer)

Saturated would be an inane word when referencing the plethora of rappers, actors, models and singers who have joined the CTD clan (celebrity turned designer).

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Style Dossiers: Eye Of The World Designs

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Style Dossiers: FORM US WITH LOVE Challenges Conventions

A design studio based out of Stockholm whose innovative approach to “challenge the conventional through design initiatives” has gained recognition across Europe.

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A Creative Nod To Furniture Design

Spanish artist María Caleis turned her back on the life of a government tax agent in order to fulfill her passion for illustration.

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The United Nude Flat Pack Shoe

Imagine a shoe built from flat carbon fiber, a molded foot-bed and three dimensional sole pieces that come together by sliding each slot into each other.

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Steampunk Review: Costumes & Corsets

Steampunk folk will be joining the revelry at the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition (CNSE) in Toronto, Ontario from April 29th to May 1st 2011.

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The Crown Jewels of Steampunk

Zouch Magazine features Industrial Radical; markers and purveyors of steampunk and Victorian inspired jewelery.

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The Evolution of the Water Spa: History

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Steampunk Review: Whimsy and Wings

In a world where one’s cup can constantly be filled with excess, a growing group of whimsical and imaginative people are contributing to a hopeful future.

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