May 30, 2013

The editors want to keep these terms relatively streamlined. However, the following terms do outline the rights of contributors and define the ways the Zouch Magazine editors and publisher (Studio Hyperset, Inc.) may interact with published material. As such, Zouch suggests contributors develop a certain familiarity with them.

These terms may be edited and augmented at any time with or without warning. Contributors are encouraged to review them regularly.

By publishing work in Zouch, you agree to be bound by these terms.

Zouch Magazine content will almost certainly be indexed by search bots and, therefore, has the potential to be read, printed, and otherwise distributed around the world without the publisher or contributor’s consent. Contributors agree not to hold Zouch liable for any unintended, third-party use of content they publish in Zouch.

Zouch is a public forum with few restrictions on access. If you chose to publish work in Zouch, you concurrently make certain concessions to publicity and, therefore, limit your personal privacy and that of your intellectual property (i.e., your contribution). Nevertheless, Zouch will never collect, sell, or otherwise distribute user information (such as email addresses) that isn’t otherwise publicly available on the site or without the permission of the contributor.

All Zouch content remains the intellectual property of the contributor to edit, distribute, and otherwise benefit from as s/he wishes. However, the editors and publisher request contributors not republish content in print or on the web for a period of ninety days after the content first appears in Zouch. Should a contributor republish work on or after the ninety-first day, s/he is asked to provide a link to the original Zouch publication and notify the editors and/or publisher.

Zouch editors and/or the publisher may edit the content from time to time (to incorporate ads, for reasons of correction or brevity, &c.). Zouch may also directly or indirectly financially benefit from the site and its content, but contributors relinquish all claims to such earnings. Potential sources of revenue include — but aren’t limited to — advertising opportunities, publishing arrangements, for-hire design projects, and the outright sale of Zouch Magazine.

Contributors publish and content circulates on Zouch at the sole discretion of the editors and the publisher. The editors may, without warning or contributor consent, delete or edit content in the interest of guiding site development and cultivating and maintaining the Zouch brand. As this implies, all content is subject to review by the Zouch editors and publisher whose decisions are final.

Contributors may request their contribution(s) be edited or removed from Zouch. All requests will be reviewed by the editors and the publisher whose decisions are final.

Requests for content removal or emendation should be sent to [email protected].