A Cento of Rejections


“Neither Maya ever died nor ever dies the heart, but bodies die and died away.
Lust and desire never die”, so has Kabeer sighed away…

A frozen mummy
immortalized within a glacial tomb
fulfilled yet unfulfilled.


Just before this play begins
Silence prevails on every form,
Silence outside, silence within;
Mountains are tamed in silent storms.

Like a lonely lamb lost in desert
Which strayed away from its herd
She time to time gives trembling bleats
And with each one her life retreats
Thus bleating softly silence mourns
Death of the night which had borne
Her to form through formlessness
Within  this turbid earthen mess.


I’m here and there, I’m lost somewhere
Some where within my wakeful dreams
This place might well be called nowhere
As peace sojourned in speechless screams


The shadow of a floating  cloud
that freed itself have fleet too far,
far from the madding crowd,
is where its essence soul looks for.

You have seen my descent
Now see my rise…

A clock that stopped at quarter to the five
When she was half a high, bears half a smile.
Impatient dusk, before pleasures a while,
Has stopped! Now dusk and only dusk shall thrive.


Remainder of desires restrained at brink
And then retreated prior the lips could drink.