VTFF Brings Award-winning Turkish Cinema to Vancouver

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ZOUCH Close-up: {Interview} with David Dorfman

In celebration of April 29, International Dance Day, Zouch contributor J.M. Hall interviews David Dorfman, of David Dorfman Dance.

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Rainesford Alexandra for Zouch - Image Copyright belongs to Oliver Endahl of Ballet Zaida

Classical Art for the Modern Age: Interview with Ballet Zaida Creator, Oliver Endahl

Rainesford Alexandra interviews Oliver Endahl of Ballet Zaida who is making ballet a collaborative experience, and part of pop culture again.

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Theatrical Storytelling Takes Audiences Back To 17th Century Japan

LA-based pianist Erika Tazawa and NY-based actress Mari Yamamoto will be presenting their collaborative work, “An Untitled Tale” as part of a night of musical performances by Ms. Tazawa. The duo will premier in New York with a follow-up show in Los Angeles.

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An Interview With May Charters and Mark Hug

An Interview With May Charters and Mark Hug

An interview with the creative team behind the new love story coming out of Canadian film: Lovers In A Dangerous Time.

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Avi Federgreen and Canada's Independent Film Market

Avi Federgreen and Canada’s Independent Film Market

Moon Point, the first film from Indiecan Entretainment opened on February 3rd at AMC Yonge and Dundas, Toronto.

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Behind the Scenes on The Tell-Tale Heart

The Tell-Tale Heart is a reimagining of Poe's suspenseful short story of the same name, with a touch of romance and fantasy, set in modern day New Orleans.

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Blue Collar Boys Debuts at TIFF

Blue Collar Boys Debuts in Toronto

Written and directed by Mark Nistico, Blue Collar Boys explores the life of the “common man with calloused hands.”

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{Interview} Maggie Rowe of Hollywood Hellhouse

Interview: Maggie Rowe of Hollywood Hellhouse

Maggie Rowe is an exceptional person. When you meet her, no matter how many people are beckoning her for a moment of her time, she’s fixed on you.

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Peter Gatien, Limelight & The Party In Clubland

Peter Gatien, Limelight & The Party In Clubland

The film "Limelight" exposes the 90’s club scene through a journey of New York’s sex, drugs and rock-and-roll lifestyle. Peter Gatien was one of its curators.

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