Patreon is a crowdfunding platform that allows fans to support their favorite creative voices. It’s like Kickstarter, but it offers fans the opportunity to support their favorite creative voices with on-going (vs. one-time) contributions.

On April 28th, In the SHED will be launching it’s own Patreon campaign. But while most crowdfunding efforts primarily benefit the campaigner, this one invites supporters to join In the SHED as empowered creative collaborators.

Since 2013, In the SHED has produced hundreds of hours of independent, music-oriented content including music videos, short films, and music-themed series. Taking their endeavors to the next level, In the SHED wants to integrate fans into the creative process. When patrons join the Patreon supporter community, they’ll be able to submit ideas for shows and videos, vote on submissions, and help In the SHED decide what gets greenlit for production.

With an empowered community of patrons, In the SHED will be able to create even more music videos featuring favorite bands and develop additional shows about music and musicians. This new, fan-backed model will also help In the SHED build a new kind of channel for musicians and storytellers, one that connects creative voices and fans and empowers both in exciting new ways.

To join In the SHED’s creative community, visit