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Kathryn Kyte is a journalist and writer. Kathryn also extends her efforts as the PR coordinator for gallerywest, a contemporary art venue in downtown Toronto. For updates on music, news and culture from across the globe, check out her Tumblr.

Artists Marisa Hoicka and Johnny Forever SEARCH

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Angella Mackey’s Luminous Attire

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Inside Gary Varro’s ‘Chicken Inn’

In Gary Varro’s Chicken Inn the setting is just as important as the subject matter. The snapshots were sparked from within a dingy motel room, which is said to be part of the last “No-Tell-Motel” in Regina, Saskatchewan.

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Don’t Worry Mom

The Sandler brothers have brought their “dysfunctional family theatre” to the streets of Toronto, emphasizing the awkward parallels between self and truth.

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Duke & Battersby, multi-faceted artists

The east-to-west pairing of Canadian artists Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby (Duke&Battersby) in the early nineties has made for nearly two decades of creative work.

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Video Joints: An Audiovisual Experience of the Subconscious

A Branch is Too Big to Come Out of a Twig is the joint project of two outlets, Regina-based collective Turner Prize and Chicago-based artist veteran, Steve Reinke.

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Talking ‘Sweet Sour’ with Russell Marsden from BAND OF SKULLS

The rock trio has a way of swallowing blues and rock, only to then spew out a soundscape that tugs without caution.

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Living In A Mannequin’s World

Identity is an umbrella term that dictates value through behavioural scripts, tailored communication and cues. Our social identity can feel like a worked-in jacket or a brand new pair of socks depending on how we internalize and what we select to externalize.

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Doug Hunter and the Attachment to Nature

Rowan & Sif places new works alongside the collectibles of celebrated print-maker and sculptor, Doug Hunter. Hunter not only was an honourary member of ‘Team Saskatchewan’, participating in snow sculpture competitions (and winning), but he also created the ‘Oskana’ sculpture, which still rests in Wascana Park.

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Degeneration: An Interview with The Dears' Natalia Yanchak

Degeneration: An Interview with The Dears’ Natalia Yanchak

The Dears returned last year with the release of Degeneration Street, their fifth studio album. The refreshing track list ignites remembrance to former years, indulging listeners with Brit-rock noise and smooth appeal.

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