As we all attempt to get back into the daily grind of transit gridlock, never-ending dull workdays and annoying colleagues it doesn’t hurt to remember a little thing called Summer. Remember those last minute plans – out of town debacles – party riots? Of course you do. While some promos promised packaged deals and overused slogans (“this is the best party of the summer”) other shindigs simply delivered with talent and spectacle.

When: July 9th, 2011 – [Downsview Park, Toronto]

Price: $39.50 and up

Housed at Downsview Park, Edgefest welcomed signature names like A Perfect Circle, Rise Against, Tokyo Police Club and The Weakerthans alongside emerging showmen like KO and Dinosaur Bones. Some opted to spend a whopping fee on VIP viewing (aka a side stage grassland with fenced off gates and direct access to wine and beer) others took in the madness front and centre – in ultra heated conditions.

Presented by Toronto’s 102.1 The Edge & Budweiser (among others), the outdoor concert stretches back to the 80’s with top grade talent like Blue Rodeo, The Jeff Healy Band, The Spoons, and a little English group that goes by the name of Radiohead. What started as a one-day event eventually spread across Canada during the 90’s with staple acts like The Tea Party and Silverchair performing at the prime of their careers.

Although the fate of Edgefest was up in the sky for a bit, the return of 08’ had fans amped for the Stone Temple Pilots and a new venue, Downsview Park.

Fast forward to 2011.

So, did this year measure up to past escapades? Does it matter? Was there good music? Yes. Was it packed? Yes. Did half-naked bodies attempt to climb over railed fencing and fail at it? Definitely.

If you’re all about rock and ska chances are Edgefest was one of your best bets this summer in terms of a one-day moshfest in the sun.

Choice Pick: A Perfect Circle