As we all attempt to get back into the daily grind of transit gridlock, never-ending dull workdays and annoying colleagues it doesn’t hurt to remember a little thing called Summer. Remember those last minute plans – out of town debacles – party riots? Of course you do. While some promos promised packaged deals and overused slogans (“this is the best party of the summer”) other shindigs simply delivered with talent and spectacle.

Concert For Japan:

When: September 3rd, 4th –[Dowsnview Park, Toronto]
Price: Free For Children / $75 and up

The oddly under promoted event had a legit focus—to help raise funds for Japan’s earthquake relief. According to Japanese reports the 9.0 magnitude earthquake killed close to 16,000, with 5,700 injured and nearly 5,000 people still missing.

Unfortunately a gloomy September weekend made for a challenging execution. Even with names like Roger Sanchez, Paul Oakenfold and Japan’s own lovedrug FTISLAND the massive space didn’t allow for anything or lack thereof to be hidden.

The two-day event brought out acts like Abandon All Ships, Karl Wolf, MC Flipside and a lot of anime outfits. A cool add-on was the suspended bar, which had people taking in a 360 degree view of Downsview Park. The spectacle thought was there.

With artist signed guitars courtesy of Carparelli Guitars and a couple of mainstream media outlets weathering the storm [CTV, CityTV], the weekend wasn’t a complete bust – it’s just sad that for such an important cause the support was lacking.

Remember, you can still donate here.

For more information on Japan’s Road To Recovery head here.

Choice Pick: Roger Sanchez

Photo of Roger Sanchez by Kathryn Kyte