Sparring lyrics – explosive musicianship – clever peaks – enter Sennen.

‘Age of Denial’ was initially released on Record Store Day – with all 250 blue vinyl (limited editions) sold out during pre-sale. Luckily, the Norfolk, England natives dropped a download on May 31st via Minty Fresh and also packaged an extra batch of 250 black vinyl for those who missed out first time around.

Remember when the nineties brought bands like the Foo Fighters and The Libertines? These bands garnered a following on the ideal of making music without a heavy reliance on auto tune or dubs. They played their instruments and sung their songbooks of the good and bad – and that’s all an audience needed. They didn’t need to Facebook ‘like’ them to show their approval. It was about listening– on repeat, willingly and often secretly.

This audience still exists and Sennen’s 55-minute LP reverts back to a time when albums were sensory collectibles not cyber-viral and somewhat impersonal. Tracks like ‘Can’t See the Light’ and ‘SOS’ invade with nostalgia and are coupled with original rattles like ‘Red Horizon’ and ‘A Little High’, ushering a gripping form of music – one that shoots and soothes you simultaneously.

Drawing on influences like Sonic Youth, Mercury Rev, and Teenage Fan Club, Sennen’s dream pop canvas hooks one using a continuous thread of rough charisma.

Sennen is Laurence Holmes (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Richard Kelleway (vocals, guitar), Tim Kelleway (bass) and James Brown (drums).

Age of Denial’ is now available.
Top Track: Red Horizon
Rating – A
‘With You’ You Tube Video