‘Time Capsules II’ features charming love-rock ballads, pulled from a former serious bond and the adoption of moving to New York to attend school. The record talks about the simple tendencies, the daily occurrences and offers a brevity of realism that exists in deep-rooted relationships.

“Well I was in love with a girl for my entire adolescence,” explains Brad Oberhofer, the principle songwriter in the band. It was this connection that sparked much of the writing for the album. There’s a romantic touch to ‘Time Capsules II’, but not in the overbearing let’s weep it out kind of way.

The cover of the album is really interesting. Where are these photos from?
They’re antique photographic prints, images and some of them are from 1900’s. It’s symbolic of the time and meaningful.

What was it like making the record with Steve Lillywhite (U2, Rolling Stones)?
Well it was made with people that care about it, the people who played on the record and the entire process was fun. There was nothing dishonest. There will always be things I think I want to change, but it turned out well I think, and maintained integrity.

Was it difficult?
There was nothing really difficult about it. I had a recording studio and I got to jump around and do things; it was pretty amazing. At any given moment I could do as I needed. That’s how Steve set it up, shit needs to happen quick so we when we have ideas we can work with them right away.

What makes you nervous?
A lost touch. Losing touch with things and people.

Any shops / stores you’re really attached to?
I don’t get attached to stores or shops, I get attached to the outdoors; summertime when people are out riding their bikes.

Songs like ‘Away Frm U’ and ‘I Could Go’ play tribute to the give and take that locks two people together while remaining upbeat and thoughtfully arranged. Recently taking the stage for Canadian Music Week (opening for Temper Trap), Oberhofer’s dynamic is playful, disparate and riots with cheek. It’s rock meets love meets youth meets power all simultaneously hooking one with gulping guitar musicianship. It also doesn’t hurt to have a vocal range and style that is eerily familiar and boldly still discoverable.

‘Time Capsules II’ is now available on Glassnote.Records.

Essential Track: Away Frm U