art by Meghan Clarkston

After years of backpacking from place to place all across the great nation of Canada, Meghan has finally ended up in Halifax. How long will she stay there? There may be no way to tell. One thing is for sure, for the first time in her 26 years she’s finally been getting some well-deserved recognition for her unorthodox creations.

Aside from her continuing pursuit of the study and creation of art, Meghan is also focusing on her writing. In fact, she’s member of the writing team right here on Zouch, contributing under the alias Ribbon.

” Mind you, I’ve been doing this my whole life and up until recently, have been just giving away my work. And then someone stamped “artist” on my forehead and people decided to give me money for my “work.” I like to eat, so does my dog, so naturally, I accept…I live based on the principles of Otto Dix, that art is a form of exorcism and can’t be denied, nor controlled.” M.C.

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