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In the summer of 2004, Meghan Clarkston made known to the world she suffered a terminal case of F.O.M.S. (fear of missing something), thus explaining why this young heroine doesn’t sleep. Wearing her new diagnosis like Miss Universe and her kitschy sash; she continues to tango with a full spectrum of past times. Writing, painting, drawing, photographing, volunteering and caviling are just some of the ways she utilizes her rabid illness...

Fireball artwork by Jason Bryant

Art Shout! The Hybridization of Hollywood Cult Classics and Skater Culture

Artist Jason Bryant's exhibition 'Merging Icons', fusing classic Hollywood with 80's skate culture.

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Art Shout! Hypodermic Dreamscapes…

Artist Caroline Green showcases her latest exhibition of work 'Humanoid' ; sic-fi medical fantasy.

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Art Shouts! Speed Racer’s In The Stars!

Internal discoveries through vibrant colours, comics, and dramatic concepts. Dreaming Realities into art.

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Art Shouts! Stop Motion Animation Celebrates ‘The Angel Of The North’

Stop motion animation celebrating 15 years of flying angels in Gateshead.

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Art Shots: Greed Breeds Imagination…

An artists minimalist approach to creating art depictions of capitalist and political greed plaguing society.

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Art Shouts! Nature’s Mysterious Sway

Beautiful photography of nature from Canadian photographer Rob MacNeil's ‘Aquos’ exhibition.

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Confession’s of a Hollywood Woodcutter…

The tale of how one screenwriter followed fates advice, threw caution to the wind, and followed his passion into the visual arts.

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Fondle My Imagination, Please…

How one graphic designer is slaying the art world with flare…Too often do we take graphic artists for granted, these tamers of imagination, never realizing how difficult it is to draw obscure dreams or curiosities from an alien mind.

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Red card for bullshit and deceit, oh sporting world!

It all started with a newspaper. Or tabloid, rather. I was standing outside my mailbox holding a blinding white envelope in my hands. The address read from England, and had only taken 5 days to cross the wide Atlantic Ocean to reach the confines of this paint chipped and rusted mailbox here on Vancouver Island.

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En Masse, Pioneers of the Artistic Orgy

Distance prevents me from enjoying the ambiance of Montreal, the sea of creative madness that is currently churning in the historic architecture of original Canadiana. But alas, I am here, and you’re there, dear Montreal. See, this isn’t just a tragic love story of girl meets city that sparks a wild hunger to create helter-skelter and run away, throwing caution to the wind a-la Beat Poet promiscuity of the 1960’s revolution! It is much more fanciful than that. I met a fellow, through this world wide web.

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