When one’s mind can alter the simple tools of ballpoint pens, minimalist collaging, with a hint of Photoshop, into the striking artistic depiction of capitalist greed, as a viewer you tend to pause and take notice. Artist Gary Waters has been exploring the deeper trenches of political realism through sarcastic portraits of global leaders in unflattering manners and situations. How honest and good willed are the men and women who hold the reins to this beast we call society, galloping into the unbridled future? It’s a mad, mad world out there boy’s and girls.

Gary Waters - Big Deal

Gary Waters – Big Deal

Ignorance and greed seem to control our planet, and if in the democratic world the population is greedy and ignorant then the multi nationals we buy from and politicians we vote into office will have the same character traits.There is hope however, and if we can eliminate these negative qualities in ourselves then it stands to reason that we will eventually get politicians that have everyones best interest at heart.” 

Gary Waters - Politician

Gary Waters – Politician

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Gary Waters – Smiley Revolutionary


top image is titled “Euro Dirt”