Rowan & Sif places new works alongside the collectibles of celebrated print-maker and sculptor, Doug Hunter. Hunter not only was an honourary member of ‘Team Saskatchewan’, participating in snow sculpture competitions (and winning), but he also created the ‘Oskana’ sculpture, which still rests in Wascana Park. In addition, Doug Hunter’s sculpture collection is currently on display on the late Bill Epp’s land, just outside of Martinsville, Saskatchewan.

This show plays tribute to Hunter, who passed in 2007 leaving a bundle of gems to his children. Chala Hunter, among others organized a special showing of these items at gallerywest.

WS Space

The collective invites the audience to explore the parallels between earth and spirit, humans and animals, and technology versus nature, holding a central discussion of territorial reality and visionary proportions.

Dessa Harhay

Dessa Harhay expresses her attachment to animals through a series of rich paintings mostly done on raw materials like wood or canvas.  Her colour-pressed etch work is bold, vigorous and mesmerizing, illustrating clean lines and a poignancy that is feverishly refreshing.


Stewart Evans

Stewart Evans creates statuesque light fixtures in the form of beaming sculptures. He transforms wood, glass, metal and copper materials into stand-alone staples of contemporary design while archaic sentiments remain at the core of the presentation.

3-bottle lights

Stewart Evans

From Hunter’s fascination with life’s creatures to Evans’ exceptional metal and wood work craftsmanship, or Harhay’s warping illuminations of the wild—the exhibit reverts the viewer back to a natural place of habitat, one that teeters between animalistic imagery and artistic keepsakes.

Doug Hunter

Rowan and Sif