Does anyone take the time?

Perhaps it’s the commotion of the world— the influx of sensational commentary, the habitual string of offsetting images or the plaguing use of social media that has encouraged our moments to become so fluid. Have we forgotten to retreat? Or are we constantly living in standby?

Immediacy doesn’t necessarily express continuity or a sense of togetherness. Nor does such a fast paced co-existence allow for any casual pondering; things are determined, dictated and delivered, and sadly often quickly forgotten.

In gallerywest‘s latest exhibit, ‘The Thin Line Between Matter and Mind’ selected works from two Toronto-based photographers present a varying approach to city-street photography.

Marco Buonocore is a self-taught photographer who works predominately with black and white film. Buonocore photographs rely on one’s depiction of an environment, expressing a sensory exploration of space.

Samuel Choisy is a photographer who delves into the technical and formal intricacies of his subject matter. His international experience is channeled through a personified repertoire of evolving means, poising new icons of urbanity.

Both present their soon-to-be contextualized imagery in a stimulating manner.

Buonocore focuses more on the ambiance of omission, with a clear-conscious invitation for the viewer to engage in. Choisy, however, overlooks the mundane and focuses on the shape-shifting personas of his subjects and their surroundings.

Each spotlight one’s mind-space, documenting their footage through a myriad of tangible meets metaphoric creations.

‘The Thin Line Between Matter and Mind’, curated by Alice Dixon , focuses on contrasting geographies formed from similar modules, which are used to construct our discovered truths.

The allure of neighbourhoods, the simplicity of movements and the realism of subjects all play an adversarial role in this storytelling process.

It’s the curiosity of the look that harnesses the story.

‘The Thin Line Between Matter and Mind’ runs from April 1st to April 29th, 2011.

The opening reception will take place on Thursday, April 7th from 7PM to 10PM.