The art of water is mysterious, to say the least. Nature has the ability to mock our sense into believing the unimaginable. Beauty contorts into lavish unknowns through the substance of life which churns inside our own bodies; water.

Canadian artist Robert MacNeil has been documenting the ever mythical dance of water  for over two years. His photography exhibition ‘Aquos’ showcases the hidden aura of the natural splendor of an element we take for granted, misunderstand, even abuse through our day to day actions.


“In my photography I ultimately want to show not just the beauty that surrounds us daily but how critical our connections to the earth and all of its resources are to mankind. Water ultimately connects us all. 

Look into a puddle and what do you see? A raindrop hits and it is catastrophic on a miniscule scale. There are so many incredible wonders that the human eye misses every day, I also wanted ‘Aquos’ to help others see what inspires me.”

‘Aquos’ has appeared in magazines and galleries in Melbourne, New York City, Vermont, Toronto, London, and Warsaw.

The complete collection of Robert’s photography can be found on his website