Two conceptual artists have released their exciting styles of art, seeding the walls of gallerywest with bountiful life mementos.

ARTAK5 is a collective presented by Takashi Hara, exposing his admiration for basketball street culture. CIRCUM, presented by Taimaz Moslemian, explores variations of the penis both in hard copy and through life-size prints.


Viewers will notice propped up creations with protruding utensils, bold anime and dressed up graffiti colouring. Made using a combination of heating and cooling techniques, the warped ceramic pieces blend wear and tear artistry with accents of pop culture. Dangling branches, gold-stained shading, rich paint puddles and melted flaps all help to complete this look.

Key to notice is the accompanying photographs in the exhibit, which incorporate models of urbanity and terrain with kooky subject matter. Takashi does wonders with his exuberant colour palate, detailed precision and medley of eye gawking add-ons.


Investigating further guests will notice an exploration of completely different subject matter. Forget shoes for a moment for it’s about the penis now my friends. Taimaz’s playful approach of using vegetables as the prototypes expresses vanity, masculinity and humour through an all-encompassing experiential display.

The same vegetable is presented twice, one representing the untouched and the other highlighting the more groomed, unapologetically unleashing a dialogue on manhood. The series of penis wannabes summons a hilarity, which removes us of our literal judgments and allows quirky visual commentary to surface.

Both collectives are on display until February 27th.