Positioning twelve artists side-by-side in one space can be an ambitious agenda to achieve. Simply watching as an artist explains, observes and converses about his or her artwork certainly welcomes a candid playpen of perspective. This was the scene this past Friday at the newly located gallerywest.

Trekking multiple blocks east, the once Parkdale centered gallery has switched gears now locating itself near some of Toronto’s “oh so dainty” venues in the Queen West district. Perhaps you’ve heard of a trendy staple called The Drake Hotel?

Walking inside gallerywest one will notice an immediate overhead beam of bright lights, a white pressed interior, an elevated mixed-media room and a glitter-coated bathroom. Now add in ceramic masks with spewing objects, sexualized portraiture, geometric illustrations, large-screen video capsules and a plethora of abstract prints.

Running until December 22nd, Twelve People features works by Nicholas Robins, Laura Margaret Ramsey, Evan Tyler, Alice Dixon, SoJin Chun, Alexandra Gelis, Vince Vining, Randal Fedje, Jonathan Edward Mayhew, Marco Buonocore, Jason Cawood and Zoe Solomon.

Viewers can expect to see vivid and mesmeric forms trickle past their eyelids as they step into imaginative and urban worlds.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas

Combining traditional modes of expression with a varying template of discovery each artist presents a rooted subject matter fusing identity with experience. Guests may also wish to participate in the ‘Twelve People’ silent auction. In addition a modestly priced zine is available for guests to snag.

“We’re always about trying new programming and new ideas, testing it out and seeing how the audience receives it all,” explains Evan Tyler who owns gallerywest.

Whether you find yourself hooked on the black and white photography, performance art or perhaps the mural of shapes and colours, Twelve People presents a scrapbook of collectibles that squeezes comfort with quirk.

For more photos from Twelve People head here.