After continuously hosting vibrant poetry events, once again poets in Dar es Salaam seize the opportunity to honour another exceptional affair, the second World Children’s Poetry Day (WoChiPoDa) at the famous readership, Soma Book Cafe, at 53 Mlingotini Circle, Regent Estate.


The initiative was started in 2014 by a German Author of Children’s Poetry books, Poet Laureate Gloria D. Gonsalves, aiming at instilling the love of poetry to children. It is a world event dedicated to children’s poetry and is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of October. After its first successful introduction in Tanzania at the Falcon Orphanage at Njiro in Ausha in 2014 organized by Arusha poetry club, the second WoChiPoDa under the hands of talented and dedicated poets and story tellers will be hosted in Dar es Salaam, on Saturday, October 8th 2016.


Children from selected four local schools and others from Soma Book Cafe’s Children’s Club will be celebrating together on this special day. The event is expected to be coloured with a series of fun activities for children.


As we have witnessed several annual world events taking place in Tanzania like the International Woman Scream Festival, World Children’s Poetry Day is another one of many where art is used as a tool for self expression and bringing people together. It is a day that empowers creativity as well as interrelationships among children, as they come together to have fun. For poets all over Tanzania, it is another day of witnessing poetry at the centre stage of life.