Here is a poem I wrote about my son saying goodbye to his cousin who died of chronic lung disease. -Barb Whitnell

And now I’m ten,
I’m in grade five,
It feels so good,
To be alive.

My life is full,
With so many friends,
Who knows what’s next,
Around the bend.

Something sad,
Has happened today,
I’ve lost my cousin,
I hear her say.

My cousin, Rick,
Was twenty-one,
I’ve known him since,
My life begun.

He’s lived with us,
For about a year,
And someone that,
I hold so dear.

He had poor lungs,
And shouldn’t smoke,
But like us all,
Thought it was just a joke.

That smoking could really,
Hurt you bad,
I don’t think I’ve ever,
Been so sad.

He didn’t smoke,
For very long,
But for his lungs,
It all went wrong.

The smoking took,
It’s toll on him,
And then his life,
Looked very dim.
He was on oxygen,
For about a year,
And everyday,
He faced such fear.

I watched him struggle,
For every breath,
And then he’d pray.

I’m only ten,
He’s twenty-one,
This isn’t fair,
His life’s begun.

And now I’m afraid,
That day is here,
My life is missing,
Someone so dear.

In Heaven now,
Is my cousin Rick,
I’m sad and angry,
And feel kind of sick.

I’m happy that,
He’s out of pain,
I know our loss,

Is Heaven`s gain.

And everyday,
From now on,

I will remember Rick,
Even though he’s gone.

I’ll miss my cousin,
My pal, my friend,
I will love you Rick,
That will never end.