I’m fully grown,
I’ve had a ball,
At eighty years,
I’ve done it all.

I’ve married, had children,
Now a grandfather too,
I’ve had a great life,
Done what I wanted to do.

To be a good parent,
I’ve tried my best,
To nurture my children,
On life’s quest.

With thoughts of my mother,
My mind always goes,
The paths I have taken,
The hardships and blows.

Every step I have taken,
Every decision I’ve made,
Every task I have tackled,
Every price I have paid.

The man I’ve become,
You’ve taught me well,
My thanks to you,
I can not tell.

With love and compassion,
You opened your heart,
You cared for me,
Right from the start.

Your wisdom you shared,
Your unconditional love,
You were my greatest gift,
Sent from up above.

You always said,
I was your gift too,
Your bundle of joy,
Your baby boy blue.

You’ve molded me into,
What I am today,
All the choices I’ve made,
At work or at play.

Even though you’re gone,
You stay in my heart,
You’ve influenced my life,
Played the biggest part.

I think of you always,
Each and every day,
I’ve carried you with me,
Every step of the way.

I give you this poem,
With all the love in my heart,
I can’t begin to describe,
Or even know where to start.

To thank you for making,
My life such a joy,
To thank God for making me,
Your special boy!