Directed and Edited by Jonathan Krauth Producer/Art Director: Michelle Allan Sound Recording/Editing: Yonny Vizcaya

The Reckoners are a Vancouver-based folk duo. Vocalist Christina Simpson and guitarist/vocalist Ricardo Khayatte met during a weekend retreat some two years ago, the most innocent of auspices has established a doublet set to be one of Canadian independent folk’s most revered endeavours. “Ricardo and I met in a log cabin in the woods,” confirms Simpson with a chuckle. “We were both invited on a ski weekend by a mutual friend. As typically happens with our group, a guitar is passed around. I picked up the guitar first, Ricardo played a few songs next and then it didn’t take us long to start jamming together. We sang through all the classics until eventually we ran out of songs we knew the lyrics to or the sun was coming up…I can’t remember which.”