Directed and Edited by Jonathan Krauth
Producer/Art Director: Michelle Allan
Sound Recording/Editing: Yonny Vizcaya

I’m not one to get star struck but when The Dudes emerged from their blue van, parked in the alley behind the Red Room, my nerves go the best of me. Way back In 2006 when “dropkick queen of the weekend” first hit my ears I was hooked! and have been a fan ever since.

“They sing about the triumph of good over no good. They trumpet the march of the working class lady. They tell stories of love gained and lost, knife fights, cops and kindness.”

They flopped down on our couch like it had been sitting in their living room for years and “rocked with no rules.”

For more of The Dudes, and who wouldn’t want more? Check out their MySpace:​wearethedudes