I had the ac on. It was in the nineties in Portland.

I didn’t have a personality nor did I have friends.I stayed quiet not to say anything offensive. I couldn’t stand the pressure and I said something that doesn’t make sense which was equally offensive.

What is your vice, I said. My vice is procrastination.
L’s head looked like the oafish head of a famous French actor I like. It was silent and didn’t move on her neck.

L had a huge wide face, oblique brown eyes, and hulking shoulders.
She worked as government worker. She did research on meth and dope and helped
pharmacies to flag suspicious customers. L knew where all the transit centers were
in every American city, her breasts were as large as she was tall at 6 foot two.
L was happy to be with me. She used to live with a Nazi slum landlord in one of the apartments of the landlord’s U shaped apartment complex. The Nazi was jealous of L’s 6 foot 8 friend and stabbed him in the head with a kitchen knife.
l don’t like to argue, L said. I like to discuss.
I like to argue, I said. I miss arguing with my wife. We were equally matched. She will never find someone as good to argue with.
The Millennials behave like they are entitled, L said. They want praise. Workers from our generation feel uneasy when they are praised.
I feel sorrow when i think about my family so I don’t think about it,
i do something else untoward that I don’t know about.
L has been wanting to live somewhere where no one can get to her. I explained to her that this theme of wanting to leave everything behind is popular in literature.

The two managers at my apartment complex on Oregon st. have been getting drunk on saturday nights. The two managers asked me into their apartment. They gave me a beer. H had very blue eyes and age lines around her mouth. O was round and beefy and had very blue eyes. The numinous blue eyes wanted me to sleep with H while O looked on. The eyes were frantic and defeated.
I noticed H had questionable feet. She wanted to have my rent money. I said I was using Paypal. I said that she needed to use Utorn instead of On Demand.  She said she would look into it but I didn’t believe her. She was only interested in terror sex and booze.
O said I did something to offend his wife. He grabbed my thin wrists. I wasn’t able to break his steel grip.
Oh baby O said. Oh baby you’re going to help us. I don’t want to die here baby. I don’t want to be here thinking about dying. Baby I love you. Do you love me baby? Are you capable of love.
I’m homesick, I said. I want to go home.
How long have you been here I said.
We have been here ten years, H said. We are leaving in a month. I won’t have to worry about the tenant’s laundry.
That is good, I said. I hated it when I had nothing to say.