It was a clear warm March day in the seventies.

The young woman talked about the multiuniverse, atoms, dark matter, and infinite galaxies.
Everything they said on Star Trek is proved to be true, the young woman said.
She was very young, maybe twenty two. She had on a bandana. She really
got talking in the way a young person with a prodigious internal life, curiosity
and sexuality does when they are paid attention to by the right person. I felt protective of her youth.
He made a pilot for a Black Buck Rogers, the young woman said.
I’m watching Black Star Warrior, Sammy said. It’s amazing. I think I’ve seen it before.
It went viral, she said.

Crystal masturbated with P’s girlfriend. K was jealous and hit Crystal in the face. She fell down the stairs and broke her fall with the backpack she had on. Crystal managed to get in blows on K’s head. She felt ashamed and disgusted that she was fighting at 34.
K and P have been dating for four years.
P chokes out K, said Crystal.
He chokes her, I said. And she passes out?
Yeah, it’s not cool, Crystal said.
Crystal is looking for work. She was living in Eugene. Now she lives in St. John.
She came to Portland for a boy as most girls seem to have done.
She showed me abstract paintings that reminded me of Keith Haring’s work.
I saw Keith Haring’s work, Crystal said. It didn’t impress me.
Crystal also works with ceramics. She makes mugs with primitive faces on them.
I got nauseated and had a migraine when I talked to Crystal. I don’t think it was her that was making me want to vomit.
I want to wrestle with Crystal. I want her to crush my head with her thighs like she said she would on line, She has a handsome face, especially her brown eyes that are daggers when she talks about her absent father. It reminds me of a Jewish actor who has had success playing sociopathic characters.

Crystal had her gall bladder removed through her navel. She had stones that looked like white raspberries. She also has had kidney stones removed.
I commiserated and bought her an Olympia beer. She paid for her bourbon.

Sammy is an interesting guy. He is dating two transsexuals, one a man and another a woman, and a woman. He hasn’t had a monogamous relationship for three years.
He cheated on her, but was honest about it.
Sammy doesn’t care about gender. He protects websites from being attacked by trolls.
He doesn’t tolerate transsexual phobia and misogynistic trolls
The internet is an entity of its own that will survive humanity, said Sammy.
He liked the idea of something made by humanity outlasting humanity.
There was a time Sammy was dating several women and men and not doing enough self care which he doesn’t plan to do again.
The internet is an entity of its own that will survive humanity, Sammy said. Sammy fidgets, giggles, and squints. He wears a short scraggy beard. He walks briskly taking many small steps.
He doesn’t tolerate transsexual phobia and misogynistic trolls

Most of the transsexuals have a bigger penis than myself Sammy said.

Are there any tobacco dispensaries around here, Sammy said.

My message got flagged. I sent a pornographic message I’m ashamed of. Sammy policed the site, followed my on line activity and sent me a message calling me a bad boy and asked me if I want to be fucked by him.

This guy found his wife on E Harmony, Sammy said.
That’s wrong, I said.

Oh no, Sammy said. She made the profile to catch him.
Nice marriage, I said.
Yep, Sammy said.

Wheres a good place to meet transsexuals, I said. I heard the Crush is a good place.
When you meet a Transsexual don’t ask them what is in your pants, Sammy said.I don’t want to know what’s in your pants.I don’t ask how big is your dick or are you circumsized. Get to know the person. You can’t really tell how far along they are.

Sammy hasn’t met a person who can satisfy all of his needs.

Sue was red around her eyes without eyelashes. She grabbed at them from time to time. Sue has pin boards in her room replete with newspaper and magazine clippings if her obsessions. Her young pathological roommate refused to take his anti psychotic and was interned. Sue now can come and go as she please without worrying for her safety.
Sue’s ex roomie recorded food he threw at the refrigerator. He also recorded her in the living room. When his social worker saw the hole he punched in the wall she knew he was a danger to himself and Sue.
The scientist Royal Rife was locked up, Sue said. He wrote shit that the FBI said wasn’t true. His grandson has a website. He’s a crazy as fuck. The FDA is a fraudulent organization. Royal Rife was dealing with prisms. It was in these prisms that he denoted the three stages, fungi, cellular, and the third I forget. The cancer people now agree with him. In his obituary it said that the two things he discovered were by mistake.
Didn’t Leonardo Da Vinci write backwards, Sue said. They are saying he was dyslexic.
Sue has talked about dyslexia in a spatial way not knowing where things are located around her, having to adjust to distance like a person who gropes in the dark.

Royal Rife had a beam ray machine that he claimed could cure cancer
Sue had a cousin who was a late bloomer dyslexic and hadn’t done anything with his life until in his forties he became a successful scientist. He believed in Royal Rife’s Beam Ray machine that attacked cancer using frequencies that broke them like a high pitched note breaks a wine glass without poisoning the body with drugs.