He said he doesn’t want me to get in the way. We meet at the burnside bridge on the side with the death star high rise. He walks on one side and I on the other side. He crosses over. I walk alongside him. He walks ahead of me. I fall behind. I cross to the other side. I look over to him. He ignores me. He is heading to the Palace. It has a great glittery sign of a green rose above its gate. He goes there with other lonely men. They mirror each other with empty faces and lust. They pardon each other. They have tumescent and flat penises. I follow him there. I don’t participate. It is his obsession. This is his hall. They want me to take him away.
A giant auburn woman doesn’t want him to leave with me. She’s on a diet. He likes to be with her when she is torturing herself. she vomits on him. He has a new sensation when she whacks him on the back of his head. He instantly falls in love. He touches her with devotion. She lies on him and wriggles on him as if he’s a woman with a clitoris. He feels he will never be able to leave her now that she has given him a new sensation when he thought he had felt everything there was to be felt. He wondered if she was aware of his fatalism. He wanted to die with her. He wanted to be in the same tomb with her. He had to dissemble his new feeling. Surely, she would abandon him now that he lived for the new sensation.     He had a dream. His teacher was in it. He couldn’t  tell if the teacher wanted him to be there since he had already graduated from the program. In the dream he wasn’t sure if he had completed the program because the teacher had asked him not to come back. He thought the ambiguity was a sexual fear he had.
The giant woman made two men from her collarbone. They each had a knife. They stabbed a man who was taking video of two naked women. No one is supposed to video anyone without first asking for permission. He was sober from the violence and swooned. The two men stabbed another twenty men using their smart phones to video naked women. They searched desultory pockets for the booty.