Once there was Y who bled from his nose and ear. The bloodbath started a flood. Torrents of animal guts and viscera swept the children and the farm land to the attic where they sought refuge from the bloated white black and brown corpses trees and houses. The houses were pointy and sharp and had concave adults stuck in the door frames.
Once there was Y. He adored Clint Eastwood. He wanted to be with a real man like Mr. Eastwood. Then he wouldn’t have to think and he could suck his dick all day.
Y hired a French Arab cook. He got sick of take out. I was useless when it came to food. I had become good at protecting Y from himself and others who meant him harm but I also had become good at isolating him and thinking about how I to kill him.     The French Arab cook was hired to thwart me.
The French Arab served tofu and fish and veggie dishes. The Frenchman’s
hair was receding. He shaved it bald. He was a wino. He was partial to cheap wine but drank Y’s expensive Beaujolais. He was a perceptive sort. He said that world war 3 had started in the Middle East. In his opinion four countries were engaged in dire warfare. He said that the FBI and the CIA and Jeb Bush and his outfit want the Arabs to escalate the fighting and to kill one another off. I was more of the opinion that world war 3 had started in Pakistan and that currently it was a virtual war between Bill Gates and
the other fat philanthropists.
The cook, who I came to love dearly, said that he was the one who had found a way to save Africa from poverty, not the philanthropists who were only competing with one another to be the man, by farming potatoes cabbage lettuce onions and tomatoes.
The cook dumbed down by fantasy and wine fucked Nanny 2. The cook couldn’t
be trusted with Nanny2 now that she was with Y’s child. Nanny 2 hadn’t signed up to be a surrogate mother. She decided she would drown the baby in the Hudson river.
Y vowed never to let the Hudson river take his child. The Hudson river and Y went to war. He crossed to Manhattan where the dead live in the underworld to meet with the Mayor to talk about how to end the Hudson river. They decided they would use it to as a dumping ground for nuclear waste.
Nanny 2 had fled many times in her short life only to end up rearing the children
of her oppressors. She made sure to teach the children Spanish and the history of the
Dominican Republic.
Nanny 2 and Y took the 10 bus to Bayonne. Y took Adderol. He said it made him
more intelligent. Nanny 2 felt Y’s ovoid penis in her cunt.
I was reading Dovlatov. He had worked at a newspaper and he wrote about
the famous folk he knew. He put it all down, his family, work. I think men like him needed to begin from nothing. They wanted to redefine the game.They like Y had a God complex. Whatever the reason I felt like a nobody after I read him. I’m not sure Y’s indifference was his fault. The cook said that he is incapable of understanding us. He’s  not like us he said.