When they call pliant Nanny 1 she has to leave her seven year old daughter with Y to remove eyeballs from cadavers. Usually the cadaver is five hours dead. Y is jealous of Nanny 1’s second job. She used to have ten jobs. Now she copes with Y and the cadavers.
Nanny 1 used to be married to a sadist librarian. The librarian wanted to write a book like Bataille’s The Eye. He’s an amateur film maker. He thought that if he made a movie with a gang rape and underage sex and violence he would have accomplished what Batialle had with The Eye.
The Librarian liked peeing on Nanny 1. He like to do research and not feed himself when he should. It made him very horny.
Nanny 1 was from Zambia. She didn’t care for the Librarian’s pallor or his pee. Nor did she care to pee on the Librarian who urged her to drink bottles of water so that she could ten fold.
Nanny 1 was called to dress a cadaver. She was happy when she was alone with the corpse that didn’t have a voice to talk with but did have a body that was its history.
She felt that her work was important. The body had given up its eyes for science.
She wanted the eyes intact and properly cared for.
Nanny 1 rolled the dead woman’s eyes in her mouth. She pressed down on them
with her molars and incisors and placed them in a metal dish. One day she would
squash an eye and have to answer to an authority. She wouldn’t have to worry anymore. She masturbated in the lavatory when she was finished, frustrated that she hadn’t popped the eye.
I like to take it Nanny 2 said.
I’m not sure what you mean, I said. I knew she was talking about sex. She wanted to have sex with me and I was confused.
Nanny 2 is sad. She lost four babies last week and they haven’t been recovered.
She has a theory about it. She thinks the babies wanted to make it on their own.
They had been showing signs of independence. Their chances of survival are slim.
Y was furious.
You’re going to fuck the bitch Nanny 2 said.
Y was very protective and secretive when he wanted to be with someone and he
really wanted to be with Nanny 1. He knew about the Librarian and his dream to
make illegal porn. Nanny 2 still wanted to reform the Librarian even though they were
Y felt that Nanny 2 abandoned the babies. He needed to punish her. He raped her. She gave birth to a child. Y gave the baby to Nanny 1 to take care of. He named the boy Y after himself. When the boy was 16 he forced Nanny 2 to tell him that she was his mother and that she had been raped by Y his father. The boy disappeared. We think he
was sent to a boarding school.