h says she wants to kill herself and then she says she has pms or ptsd and doesn’t mean it
h’s face is skinny i can see the bone underneath the blue blood
h vomits on me and then says she’s sorry for suing me
h ties my testicles to my beard with thick string every time i raise my chin to face her to say a few words it is excruciating, and she laughs when she pulls on the string my mouth opens and i talk.
don’t expect anything from me, h said
she leads me by my red beard

h has been driving with an expired license

odin is the king of suicides h is with odin she sucks his dick he’s a black man he lost his eye to a social communist city council woman who drives a tesla he sells crack to a white troll social worker the white troll social worker exchanges brown babies he takes from mexican mothers for crack he harasses transgender maoist communists on twitter

h thinks walking and being unemployed is an anti-capitalist feminist  praxis
she hates money she comes to me and says she wants a loan and never thanks me for
the money i give her so she can eat.

the biggest addiction mankind has is to enslave other men. the liberators are the worst slave drivers because they want to save men

h along with her communist transgender comrade from indiana and a white and red flag
checks her smartphone to see if she got a good photo of themselves and the portland police in riot gear long black billy clubs visors  and sheriff written in the uniform in bold white letters
all the resistance is commodified on instagram twitter and facebook.

“we stormed the heavens”, h said. she was elated. she was scared the riot police would arrest her like they did her friend.

we are going to bash the state, h’s comrade said.