i wanted to eat bad food and watch crap t.v.. i took my blood pressure at the pharmacy. it was lower than when the doc at primary zoom care took it. i thought about my stepfather. he has high cholesterol and takes pills for it. i don’t have high cholesterol. he has a blond german american physical therapist/ trainer who gives him exercises to strengthen his knees and shoulders. the gay man who drew my blood had a way of looking and not looking. i noticed he had dark blue rims that were the same blue as the blue of his shirt. i thought he was a considerate man because he said i didn’t need to give my urine while the doc pressed for it. when I gave him my urine the following day there was a good looking woman and a young man who was slow and agreeable.he reminded me of someone I admire and like. he didn’t ask for my name.
v was on ne pacific and 24th avenue. hey, mayor, v said. she was walking behind me. she has a felony for embezzlement, v said. who steals from a public school? they hardly have funding. my family has forgiven her. i don’t trust her. she never calls me to see how i am. i have to call her. she only calls when she needs money for court. the police put her in jail for a broken taillight and she needed bail money. i didn’t give it to her. she has to deal with her shit. she was locked up for a year. she accrued bills that she wasn’t able to pay at the jail.
v’s legs were swelling from high blood sugar. v didn’t know if time has anything to do with love. she wanted to be brave. she felt a duty to love when love was in her life. when it wasn’t she hankered for it. v was talking on her iphone. she had to hustle. she was shipping arms and slaves. they didn’t look like human beings to her as they did to the uninformed. she gave them soda, pills, white bread and a toothbrush. the pretty ones she gave an orange, rice and chard. she gave them arbitrary names. she would change their names or call one by another’s name. when she forgot a name she made one up. she gave one she liked her last name. she slept with her in the same bed. she was training her to make love to her how she wanted. v was submissive and wanted to please her slave endlessly. the slave whipped her with a cane and cut her with a razor. the ugly weak ones v shot dead or gave them drugs to carry to a safe place. the strong and the ugly v avoided. they were heralded and defaced by two white mexican men. the pale one was obsessed with keeping the mexicans who wanted to return to mexico from getting back in. he was a border guard. he used a machete. he had red hair, pale white skin and watery eyes. he thought he had more to give than he had. he was limited. his english was poor. he didn’t know how to read and write. they revoked his driver’s license. he had a slow psychotic sister. she thought her brother was reality. he raped her. he said he thought she wanted to be consoled when her boy friend was demoted.