I feel my ex wife stole my family from me. I think about stealing her
volvo that  I bought her and probably would steal if I had a licence.
I’ve had many instances of stealing shit or taking shit. I have also had shit taken from me. LIfe is a big thief. It takes everything from us in the end. Why did I steal to cope with being neglected as a child and teenager? I was bereft. When I stole I felt complete. When I stole the imbalance of power between myself and my parents and life was for that moment restored.

L copes with serious mental illness and goes on hundreds of first dates so she doesn’t
have to be herself. L likes to talk about whatever enters her mind. She doesn’t
want to know what her date does for work or if his parents are living. The less she knows about her date the more confident she is . When she does have to deal with
something compromising that mirrors her life she excuses herself to pee and cry from anxiety in the bathroom. With me she had unapologetic crying spells and I felt grateful.
I was unsure I would be able to see more of her break downs. Usually types like her are dumbed down with suspicion.  She is very attractive which is why I can listen to her
inane theorizing about blood transfusions and zombies. She almost led me back to her
apartment. I think I may have had sex with her had I not said that I don’t want to take
You can’t take advantage of me, L said.
I found myself thinking for myself and her.

M thinks I’m Joe. I told her I like bitchy difficult women.
My name is M, said M. The Americans stole it like everything else.
You look stressed like James Dean, M said. I think he had several life
problems. Then he solved them I guess cause he died.
You want me to sit on your face, M said. And that is unlikely.
M’s mom used to rob banks in the seventies. She used the money for heroin.
Do you sleep with the mattress on the floor, I said.
You think I’m some bed bugged gutter slut, M said.
No, I said.
M get’s worked up. She can be explosive.
I don’t mind when M gets upset but I don’t like for her to feel
she has to explain herself. I want her to feel she can be who she pleases.
I’ve never met a child of a bank robber junkie.
M like myself loses her temper when she feels undermined by a shithead.
Weak people do piss e off and get verbally abused by me as well, M said.
My panties are flesh tone beige and white lace, M said.
Pure poetry, I said.
M never knew her daddy. She thinks I could be her daddy. I’m ten years older than
her. I’m not old enough to be her daddy. She thinks she may have fucked her daddy before not knowing it was him.
Sagittarians are little attention seeking whores who have no real ambition, M said.
Well said, I said.
M pulverizes Sagittarians with her x ray vision.