Nanny 2 sensed my decline. She advanced in good faith and cornered me
in a cubicle. Nanny 2 was ghost image and glowering white knuckles. I was
a witness to a seance; moving table legs, ectoplasm and spirits of
women foiled and murdered by Y. The spirit ghosts had the puritan countenance of
the Dutch, German, and Anglo-saxon; they were white and colorless. They swooshed
and wooed with ice cold draft.
Nanny 2 had to see Y in his bedroom. All hell broke loose when Y left the bed.
Y stood moaning and sweating. Nanny 2 ignored the moaning she knew that
Y would soon sob and begin to beg her for forgiveness. Nanny 2 gave Y a hand job
and called him a piece of shit. Y wanted Nanny 2 to have his second child.
I decided to see if Nanny 2 couldn’t help Y with his mania. Nanny 2 could be
fired or turned in to the police and she wouldn’t be eligible for unemployment. I walked past the pinched cubicles and the tepid hallways that had articles attesting to Y’s
power as a drug dealer in NYC. I had to contain myself. My symptoms were getting the better of me. I had ocular migraines, heart murmur, and guilt. I cut the bottom of my feet with a knife. I thought about trepanation. I stopped digging into my skull with a drill after I broke skin and blood flowed down my nose. I choked myself with my hands. I thought about gutting my abdomen.  I asked for Nanny 2 to kick me in the balls but she was above it. I beat a few street people senseless. I may have killed one of them.
Y threatened to not give Nanny 2 her health insurance.
I informed Nanny 2 that Nanny 1 inquired about buying her used breast pump.
I prepared for a 10:30 meeting with Y, Nanny 2 and the assistants.Nanny 2
gave Nanny 1 her used breast pump and asked that Nanny 1 work one of her night shifts. Y wanted to push Nanny 1 out with Nanny 2. Nanny 1 refused to carry his child. Ten days later Nanny 1 drowned in the Hudson river. I had to take over her route.
I pushed a stroller under the BQE and delivered the drugs to a phlegmatic corpulent Italian.
Nanny 2 took on one of the assistants and worked her to the bone. She will have to do an exit interview before she can get treatment for heat exhaustion.
Once there was Y weeping in a hotel room and it had always been so since the
beginning of time, and memory when man began to study one another for progress and to dominate one another. One day Y left his room for a drive in the country side. There was farmland, life stock, and an expanse of green white and blue unalloyed by cloud or bird. There were children in the backseat of the vehicle and a Nanny who looked after them.The Nanny had worked as a maid and hated it. Now that she was a Nanny in her mind the maid was beneath her and she dreamed of one day being her employer’s mistress.
Y drove down Jackson Avenue to look for young foot soldiers. They carried guns that are smaller than a grown man’s palm.
Y was scared he wasn’t insane enough to read Nanny 2.