Hey Hollis, V said.
I’m one quarter Native American Indian, V said.
She has two children, one has autism the other has a hard time sleeping.
V came with her Mexican thug boy friend.
What do you call three Afghani men with 16 camels, V said. Pimps.
I said nothing. V had a wry smile.
I like order, V said.
Your place is messy, said V. That is because of your depression.
She had her whip out, and a beige sand colored  dildo that reminded me of desert storm. She reminded me of a talented woman I had seen when I was in my early twenties I suspected of being a prostitute.
You’re a handsome guy, V said. I’d say a 7 or 8.
What is your book about, V said.
Women who are mean, I said.
Why mean, V said.
I like mean, I said.
Do you think I can be mean, V said.
Yes, I said.
I can be a sadist, V said.
Have you heard of Y, I said.
Is he the one who doesn’t have nipples, said V. He wanted me to cut him. I refused. I would have been charged with assault. I watched him put out cigarettes on his genitals.
He was with a child molester, with some bad people. I wasn’t able to read him. He is too self absorbed, a narcissist. He had all these blocks up like the satan worshipers.
He died from Aids. I can’t get a read on someone like that. I’m psychic. He was murky like an unhealthy river.
V likes men with good teeth because she has bad ones’. I don’t think they are in bad shape. She likes my teeth.
V can read folks ever since she was seven. She thinks I want to die. I can see it in her
eyes. I’m not the one who is going to kill you she is thinking. You will have to do that yourself.
I can read people who have mental illness, who are evil, V said.
I’ m worried her Mexican boyfriend is going to break in and steal my shit. He’s outside in the February forty degree Portland night.
I like your face, I said.
What do you like about it, V said.
I like the yellow and blue eye shadow, I said.
V snapped her whip.
She told me extreme stories about messed up fetishes.
I wasn’t interested. I wanted her to finish and leave me to myself.
I didn’t think that she was lying but i didn’t feel that she was being truthful.
When she hit my penis and scrotum and her gaze was narrow I came to life.
I was grateful.
She sat on my chin and I tongue fucked her asshole and vagina.
She played with my penis.
Eat my pussy, V said. This pleases me.
It was smelly. Her asshole was a disappointment. It had no smell.
Damn, You are Loud, V said.
I came. I wanted to.
I have a young woman working for me. I think you guys would hit it off. You can fuck her. She’d like it. It wouldn’t be prostitution. She isn’t getting paid for it.
V doesn’t fuck. V does face sit.