i’m doubting my hair and my extra large salmon t-shirt. i make a thousand on line monthly payment to a card  that i have to shut down, someone set it up and has had access to my online banking. there is only one person who has access to my on line banking.  i changed my password but it isn’t enough.
i remember having taken my medication because i washed it down with stale pelligrino water. the woman at the bank isn’t available to help me. i want to deal with her. she knows what is going on with my account. she has bad skin. she is young. i think she is very attractive. she has the same teeth and eyes that my internist has.
i’m taking the grey hound to yakima tomorrow to see my daughter play tennis on friday. it is a five hour journey. i’ve never been on the grey hound. my ex won’t give me a ride. i have to be at t550 6th avenue near Union station at 9:40. i don’t need to print out the ticket. i can give them my confirmation number.
i’m thinking about something but i don’t know what it is. when i look for something i have misplaced i don’t see it. when i’m looking at it i’m thinking about something else than what i’m looking for.
this woman on her ipad has a light brown dog and a white grey bag. it has a pink handkerchief around its neck. i think i would want to have a dog like that. she is wearing the horizontal black and white dress that i have seen on other women. it does something to enhance the figure
most of the clothes i wear are from fred meyer. i think it can be dangerous when a person doesn’t think about what to wear or goes to one place for everything because it’s convenient.
the mother can laugh and lunge. she has on an orange and beige shirt.
the koreans think like us, she said. how much did i get done today is what they ask themselves.
i was acquiescent. he jerked his leg that was lapped over his other leg as if it was in a stirrup. sometimes i place my leg on my other leg to block his jerking leg. he can talk over me or interrupt me. these and the neutral clinical gaze are some of his techniques. he used the word should more than i would have liked when i last saw him.

he said he didn’t want to go to war
he asked them not to allow him
they did what he wanted them to do
it was his nature to sacrifice ten men to save the lives of a hundred men
he was a tall man
he had thin ankles
he had an account no one could read
it led to nothing and a woman
they were in a room they could close to the world
they had to see it to the end
it led to poor eye sight sunlight plants trees dirt
they danced
they never felt alone
they never felt the song
they wore white shirts and brown pants
they studied human nature
they studied history
they didn’t worry for too long about the younger generation
when they handed over power it would be given to someone
they were thinking about something else than what they were looking for