she has blue eyes that look white she has on a grey sleeveless shirt with rodeo cowboys on a horse i think she has an eating disorder she is very skinny she is more beautiful every time i see her the man with white hair and his ipad i like seeing him he has on a jacket and a shirt it’s eighty five degrees he reminds me of my stepfather he also wore a jacket in eighty five degree weather he has hair on the side of his face she is succinct and hungry she is small and so well put together she has her look down i want to adopt the old man as my father he looks like an affable man my father is morose like van zandt i really like the man who was thumbing his phone and had a small camera he’s a good man he lives his life to the fullest of course he has to sleep like the rest of us he spends half of the day in bed not being able to sleep until six in the morning and sleeps till two in the afternoon he has a son and a wife or maybe he doesn’t have his wife anymore he most likely does have his wife he looks well rounded and like he is going to make it to his seventies health is god i don’t think i’m going to make it past fifty i have too many health problems from the pills i have to take to survive he is all about service and helping i think it can be a cop out to help others and not deal with yourself i guess we can use anything to hide we can use data to hide we can use data to uncover we can use incest to hide we can use incest to uncover i won’t see her anymore she has cuban skin tone she has blocked hair follicles he talked about peace he doesn’t want me to hate i think it easier to love less i went to lie on her and nothing else i came on her navel she will find someone to make her ill she will find someone to give her the semen she needs for a child she will live her dream he said i was deluded he liked to remind me of hitler to him i was hitler or van gogh he wasn’t betting on me he only bets sure winners i didn’t want to go make money for him or for the system they send her my way i have the right to ask her whatever question i like i ask questions to warm up and more questions to dominate she doesn’t like it when i question she should ask them for herself i ask them for us when was the last time you went to a concert do you like concerts do you like crowds i don’t like crowds she said i read a book about crowds and power when i was a very young man steve jobs whenever they have the free time he is one to emulate and scrutinize l don’t trust crowds she said jobs didn’t want to be alone i said he felt bad about all the money his parents had to spend on college when they didn’t have the money she yawned i grabbed her wrist my friend is getting married to a good looking woman she wears a head scarf she is mourning her late husband my friend’s father divorced when he was in his early twenties i still remember his wife like it was yesterday it has been twenty years since i last saw my friend his father died last week his father had a heart attack twenty years ago and lived for another twenty years to see his son’s children i located my friend on facebook he has cast iron eyes they speak wisdom and action he is living his dream