she repeated sentences from a binder. she pulled her long black hair over her
face. she walked to the right corner of the room with a book and read it.
she repeated sentences in english. she didn’t always know what they meant.
i’m looking for the restroom. she knew what the sentence meant. sometimes she used it when she wanted to introduce herself to
an interesting person or when she wanted a coffee. i don’t drink tea, she said.
i’m looking for the restroom. no. not coffee.
she was very small and yellowish brown. her eyes were wide and half closed.
she walked in a part of town she had walked in many times and didn’t think anything about it, nor did she want to think, not wanting to think about not thinking and not feeling.
she repeated: life is hard don’t you think? can I advise you on your diet? life is hard don’t you think? can i advise you on your diet? life hard don’t you think?…
she exercised for a year the many sentences in her binder. sometimes
a person responded violently to what she repeated and it scared and delighted her.
she would repeat the sentence in her mind and look at the convulsed person.
in her second year she wrote down what she overheard and repeated it.
i will say things point blank  and they refuse to relinquish control was one of her go to
sentences to repeat that she had overheard.
she repeated she sees it as a weakness( words she had overheard) to a middle aged man she had over at her place every other month.
she sees it as a weakness she said. she sees it as a weakness. she sees it as a weakness. she sees it as a weakness.
she giggled and had the hiccups.
you are so beautiful the middle aged man said. the 44 year old was a burn out
and a pill popper.
you are a fuck face, she said.
yes the middle aged man said. how did you know?
i know you she said. i advise you on your diet?
the middle aged man was tired of telling women that they are beautiful because they obviously are beautiful. he wanted to communicate.
say something, she said.
i’m not ultra worried about you, he said.
ultra worried, she said. i like this phrase. i will use it. life is hard don’t you think.
i’m not ultra worried.
as much as the middle aged man didn’t want to say you are beautiful our young woman’s face and body was overpowering and he couldn’t help but gush you are beautiful. you are beautiful.
you are gorgeous the middle aged man said. he despaired.
teach me more words pathetic man, she said.
she read the newspapers and wrote down articles she wanted to repeat in her
Marengo is apparently a recovering heroin addict,  she repeated flatly.The runner also suffers from an unspecified mental disability.
the middle aged man was awestruck by what she said. he had blocks and had to
wait weeks to have them addressed so that he felt unstuck.
he thought that his mind was not what it was. it had been sharp and murky. now it was
the portland bridges he crossed over and this young inscrutable japanese woman.
you have a good memory he said. i read that story about the italian marathon runner. are you familiar with it? did you only copy what you said?
the middle aged dutch man was reading a book that was translated from french into english. he thought he had read it before by another translator so that it seemed like he hadn’t read it.
i think i read this book, but i’m not sure, he said.
you are well read, she said.
i can’t say i’m well read, he said.
what is your name, she said.
paulus, he said.
i know a paulus, she said. you don’t look like him.
you are grey and puffy.
i’m not puffy, he said.