b puts oil in his red beard. he has been wearing the same cheap shoes for the past month.
he has short hair. she has a blue winter hat on and bangs.
i’m not getting all the words.
is kind of a social, she said. were so small. we have different roles. keep the budget. manager. producer. people. any type of project.
she put her iphone on the table. she has blond hair and a large healthy mouth. she has a healthy range of emotions. there isn’t one emotion that dominates her. she likes to feel herself advance.
campaigns, she said. from a story teller place.
he has a short beard and black glasses. he drinks from a white coffee cup.
as a producer, she said. once we have a production medium. that we are doing will produce the actual thing. whatever that is.
he asks a question. so because, he said. usually, you’re not just. you’re.
he tells her what she is doing to understand if what he thinks she is doing is actually what she is doing. she agrees. they are accommodating. they are understanding each other. they are very busy. there is only so much time and reason. time is money and money is time.
i have no idea what they are talking about. he takes off his black glasses. he parts his hair to the side. i don’t approve of the hair cut. it is too short and smart looking. his finger tips are square.
j came in with the homely girl. she is a talker. they were dancing.
unless he wants walking through, he said. saw you guys doing a walk through. walk me through one.
is he interviewing?  she rubs her ankle and calve and her neck. her fingers move from above down below to her feet.
it makes sense you post things we identify, he said. his fingers stay above near the table’s edge. she has on overalls.
where did you go to school? he said.
i’ve had hypertension since i was twenty. i get angry and dizzy. i get high from anger and hypertension. i have to walk and breathe and not oversleep and not not sleep for days.  some dude died from dementia at fifty two.
emerson, she said.
what year?, he said.
2007, she said.
i know someone who graduated from  there, he said. he did a video.
i’m from detroit.
oh yeah, thats right. she holds onto her hands and fingers and her ankles. her hand lands near her ear and chin. she has her hand on her calves. she laughs. they are socially and professionally over developed. i’m not tired but i do feel sleepy. i don’t want to feel more sleepy when the doc raises my bp medication so that he gets the numbers  he wants.
i do a lot of film, he said.
i am. so our video team, she said know what i mean i really dont you know want
i’m thinking about halving my anti anxiety medication. my blood and urine tests came out well. he still wants to check something out. i think he is the type to check things out. he doesn’t feel right if he isn’t checking something out.
what about when you were at, he said. filming crazy shit.
yeah i’m in.
i can’t hear what she is saying.  i like her white adidas sneakers.
yeah, i’ll be around, she said.  she left as suddenly as she came. she has someone to see. he goes to his iphone and thumbs it. he covers his mouth with his left hand.
j came over to say high. he has a comely smile.
he opens his laptop. he has things to organize, to ponder and penetrate. he is typing, self absorbed and atoning for the hour he did nothing. he stretches his arms and yawns.
as i’m rewriting and rethinking my eyes feel lazy. last night i was on the burnside bridge. the hawthorne bridge was lit up in blue and green. i don’t know why in those colors. two brown men, one had a camera, crossed over from their side of the bridge to mine. what were they photographing? the bridge was slightly open in the middle. a ship with a line of lights passed underneath me. a group of boys said i was good when i apologized for blocking them. a young man fell to the ground. he said that he didn’t have his gear. it was do dark i could barely see him. i was concerned for him and my safety.
a sends me pics of her children. i see her twice every other week. we have been
using the L word.
I love you, a said. sometimes i wish i didn’t. but i always come back to being really glad you’re in my life.
yeah, i said.
i have a stye in my eye, a said. it hurts like a motherfucker.
i want a to torment me even though it’s not really torment. i have been wanting her to be sharper with me. she has been emotionally moderate.
a gets sad when she loves someone.
i’m worried that i’m going to lose you, she said. that what you say isn’t what you feel. i’m worried that a feels the same hopelessness i can feel when i think about us or when she is with her children for the week.
i didn’t use my eczema cream. my eczema looks contained.