they worked behind a curtain. they appeared from behind it when they felt like it. he didn’t wait for them. he seated myself. he listened to two people talk. he didn’t like hearing them because he couldn’t make out what they were saying.
he had a woman,v, who cooked. he rested his mouth on her vagina when she told stories. she had orange red hair and white hair. she had long hands and fingers that she talked with. he knew what she feared because he knew what she wanted  and needed. he also thought that she knew what he feared. he felt the dread abate when he was with her. she said she shivering at night and that she refused to close the window. she slept in a room by the kitchen. he used his kitchen at night to have perspective on his insomnia. he woke up ten times every night. she didn’t have trouble sleeping. she had brown blue circles from worry and thinking. she liked to clean the bathroom floor or she talked about it wanting him to clean his bathroom. he used lysol to take care of his toilet that had black specks in it.
dying is going to hurt like a motherfucker, he said.
maybe v said. he had used the word earlier and now she had used it.
he thought it set a tone. she talked about work. he asked her about it. he liked her. he was able to hear her talk about anything especially work since he didn’t work. he was disabled. he survived from his grandfather’s largesse. after years of therapy he had the mentality of a slave.  he had a hard time keeping up with her thinking. he worried that she thought he was slow and convoluted. he worried that she would see that he was doing his sincerity thing, when he himself believed that he was interested but he actually didn’t care what was said. he was lonely. he wanted to use her not to be alone. he resisted not to use her. he was addicted to loneliness. he didn’t know how long she would stay with him without him fucking her. he usually wasn’t able
to fuck someone for months. he had only been with one woman who stayed with him for eight months before he fucked her and he left her shortly after. when are you going to put your penis in me, she said. he put his fist in her mouth. her body was slack from childbearing, domestic abuse, disease and back breaking menial work.
v travelled for work. her colleague met her at the terminal. they took a taxi to the hotel and checked in. they took a taxi to the factory where they met the fabricators and the buyers. she presented a plan to better what they have in mind.. the men, living in a nothing town were hung over, talked about what animal they hunted over the weekend and whose wife or husband they slept with.
he learned that at a sports center they had a safe in the floor. he thought about how he was going to open it not ever having opened a safe. he had a small blow torch that he thought about using. his grandfather had said that he would be a criminal when he was a teenager. his grandfather had been in prison for child rape. he said it wasn’t his fault, that he couldn’t help himself.
the manager at the sports center was a genial alcoholic in his sixties with white hair. when he was drinking heavily he gained weight and was out of breath. he thought it would be easy to overpower him.