he has on an orange brown shirt. he cut his hair short. his wife is wide and thick.
they have a small vehicle and a small boy. he does the laundry. i have seen him with a cardboard box heading to the shed by highway 440. we don’t talk. we meet each other’s gaze. he does what i want him to do and no more. i don’t think he likes me. i like myself when i see him. i don’t think he has dreams. he doesn’t believe in hope. he goes to his wife. she opens her mouth and he gets to see her molars. he pulls down his underwear. he leans his head on the wall. they have been together for over ten years. he wants her to take her shirt off. she has white spots on her face and chest.
when he’s not thinking how helpless we are( they are pumping chemicals into the soil, they are eating cheetos and coca cola, they are taking our resources, they are debasing our men women and children, they are selling us meat, the meat is giving us high blood pressure, we are abusing animals,  we are still enslaving women and not paying them equal pay) he has a coffee and a lemonade. he can harm himself with the thought that will harm him. when he has nothing else to do or when he needs to prepare himself. he’s always preparing himself for what he has to do in the coming hour.

menelaus couldn’t believe helen was alive, she said. she was just a sign.

he didn’t want to be anyone anymore. he wanted to be invisible. he didn’t want her to give up on him. he had nothing to offer. he thought it was all going to waste. negotiating with her is what arouses him. i warn him not to allow her to take advantage of him. he resists her unreasonable demands and then eventually he gives in. seldom does she give in. what is he supposed to do with her? he couldn’t have her live with him. she’s wild and dominating. he would have no peace.
the young man he likes is surface and deflection. he has brown eyes and black hair. he wants to see the young man on his brown couch; his sleepy thick penis on his skinny thigh, leaking pre cum and piss.
there was a tightening when he moved his body. it made him feel like he was preparing for something.
they cut open his hand and they saw it was clean.

she lifted her wide knee to her abdomen. he had an ocular migraine. he didn’t know what it meant. he said he wasn’t eating meat. he ate potatoes yams and long beets. he said they were trying to make him ill. he said they were pumping chemicals into the soil and that it was affecting his liver and sight. when he started taking the medication for his blood pressure his sight improved
he thought about the men who had been born into slavery and had died as slaves
in another life he was a slave to a viking and buried alive in the viking’s grave.

he didn’t only want peace. the only way he knew how to have have joy was by killing his adversary.