H: baby i need you. asshole. you asshole. don’t you leave me. there you are fuck face.
come here baby. i need you. you need me don’t you? yeah you do. you need me like
i need you.sometimes i need you more than you need me and other times you need me more than I need you. you didn’t come to me when i wanted. you weren’t there for me but now you are. now you is here. i like you. you know that i like you and if you please me i will really like you. yeah you like me baby. you like me. you hate me. you want to hurt me. you hurt the people you like. you want to kill yourself because you hurt them. you make everything shit. you want to hurt me? you can hurt me. kiss me you shit. kiss me on the mouth. kiss me you fucker. you’re a fuck head. you can’t even get it up. you’re useless. you say such sweet nothings. you whisper them in my ear. you’re a romantic. you make me feel so good baby. you know that don’t you baby? you know how much i like you. i really like you. you want me to shut up? i babble baby. i babble. i work so hard. i’m on my feet all day serving. i’m still a slave. i’m forty and i’m still a slave like you. you’re a pretty slave. did you know that? how can we still be slaves in our forties. once a slave always a slave. were you born into slavery like myself. i talk to much. i talk too much about my weight. i lost weight. thirty pounds. all for you my handsome man. you are so handsome. you’re a giant. you want to suck on me how like to baby. you like it. my clothes don’t fit me. i don’t have anything to wear. do you think i’m pretty. you’re cute. my father. did i tell you about him and my brother. he died. we lived in L.A.. there were roaches in the apartment. i was left to myself. we lived in a trailer park for a couple of years. my mommy fucked everyone in the park. what baby does that make you sad. you don’t talk much do you. do i make you sick you fucker. you asshole. you kiss me. you want to go for a walk in the gorge. you want to camp out. we should camp by the lake. have you ever seen the lake at night, the stars. how old are you you’re middle aged. why did that bitch leave you. what did you do? middle aged men are suicides. why did she throw you away. you must have done something bad. you’re bad. i’m a badass. don’t you want to be one. it’s good to be tough. you’re too nice. why are you so nice? you listen to whatever I say. you like my big tits. you can feel them you giant mute fucker. I’m messed up. I’m a sticky mess. come on my belly. i have bourbon and wine. where do you want me to hit you fuck face. she hit you in the balls? you let a woman hit you in the balls. that’s sick. you’re a sick fuck. no one wants you baby. i want you. do you want to be my baby. please please please do you want to be my bitch. please please please. do you want to be my baby. please please. don’t tell my to shut the fuck up. i’ll call my daddy. i’ll call my daddy. he has a gun. he’ll shoot you dead. what do i look like. do remember what i look like. do i have a large nose? what do i smell like? what do i feel like? no you fucker that is someone else you are thinking about. you aren’t here with me. you’re with her. who is she? you still love your wife? why aren’t you hard. get the fuck out of my house. you fucker. do you want to be my baby please please. forget about that other woman. don’t placate me. you motherfucker asshole. you are gorgeous. i want you to be my baby. yeah let’s die together baby. you and i and infinity. fuck this world baby. fuck them all baby. you  think i’m crazy. i’m not crazy. do you want to be mine. i have to go to work in four hours. i’m not especially interested in
being a buddy that comes over when you don’t feel like paying. don’t placate me. get the heck out of here.

there are so many of them. they are all one woman. the same hungry woman.
she is huge like a skyscraper. she picks me up from the back of my pants with her
thumb and index finger. she sticks her finger that is as big as a vehicle in my mouth and
asshole. blood urine faeces bone mucous scatter into her eye lash and ear lobe.
she takes what she needs and puts me back down on the curb