Two students were shot in front of Lincoln high, one in the buttocks and the
other in the arm, they never apprehended the shooter.

Y  joined a clinical trial for depression at the Presbyterian hospital.
The police in Jersey City should walk the streets if they want to reduce crime,
Y said.

MTA workers had a strike over a labor dispute. In the second day of the MTA strike
Bloomberg implied that the strikers were thugs. Toussant referred to the mayor as
a billionaire.

I met Y in a JC back street that looked onto concrete backyards and shut blinds
behind the Greeneville hospital apposite the public library. He was with three
veiled Egyptian women. He said that he was a Christian from Egypt. He didn’t introduce them. He said he was selling ten condos, an unfinished golf course and a military base that looked like a string cheese.

I decided to take an additional two pills. I still had valium from a doc visit a year ago.

The interrogator is going to penetrate me with a question.

God never asks questions. He only gives commands.

Y is in the white Toyota Corolla. He is dressed in a white cassock and grey white sneakers. He applies rinses and creams and disinfectants his doc friend gave him for eczema on his wrists and neck. Y drives into a turbid ravine in a field. He shoots me in the neck with a 38 snub nosed revolver. He addresses the infancy of Polish democracy,
Chinese woodcuts, Ukraine boxers, divorce and the state, incontinent nannies, and Chavez’s love affair with Chavez in the media, and American drones killing innocent civilians in Pakistan.

A helicopter crashed into the East river. Seven passengers were rescued. Y was
intact and gave an account of what happened. Another helicopter crashed into the
East river the very next day.

I’m the thinker who doesn’t remember. Involuntary memory presents me with a violent image. Y has killed me countless times in history.
Would a person kill and steal if they can get away with it, said Y.
At the orientation I was informed via a video lecture that folks will steal and kill if they think they can get away with it and that it happens more often than not. I had to wear a green shirt and khakis. The turn over rate is high for minimum wage work. The executives don’t want to supply clothes when chances are the employee will be let go. The executives will pay to have your urine processed for drugs.
Brandy came with her boyfriend from Oklahoma and decided to skip a year of school since she’s going back to Oklahoma in the summer with her boyfriend. As a specialist she can execute anyone.
Brandy has another part time job she keeps because it is a non violent work place. She is tired of having to execute fellow employees.
Brandy is slightly overweight. She has upper teeth that crowd her mouth. She’s a perfectionist.
Brandy and the other employers are distraught when I don’t abide to the trainers code. They are fearful of losing their jobs and were are more defensive than helpful.
When something untoward happens at their station they are quick to blame someone else.
V has long breasts. She wears her green shirt over her khaki pants. She sounds very street and can be explosive. She addresses herself with an old fashioned sensibility. She studies business administration at a local college.
T studies criminal justice. She’s very large and could beat an average man senseless. She is a deep thinker and doesn’t obsess. As the team leader she has to be cool headed.
T wants to work for the FBI.
There are mostly African Americans and Puerto Rican Americans on the floor. There are cameras in the break room. Not one executive eats with the floor staff. The one regular white employee eats by himself.
Recently there was a bomb scare in the Holland tunnel. We were ordered to evacuate. A blast could easily extend from the tunnel and hurt anyone in the compound.