they have a third party, he said. i got in touch with them. i had to get them on the phone. hey which file is it?
don’t tell me i’m not ugly when i say i’m ugly, i said to myself.
he’s concerned with what it costs to make an ingredient, he said
right, she said.
he’s a blow hard. she’s thin and young.
i’m getting so many emails, he said. i just want to find this email.
right, she said.
he has a nice voice that carries. he has an ugly face, big fat nose.
my cousin has five businesses, he said.
she has on cheap mascara. she’s servile and narrow. she only can process so much.
all of that can be captured, he said. at least for the deli department. this is the deli department. whatever the produce department wants to do is okay.
he has his hands out and open and moves them up and down. he has on a san francisco baseball cap, blue jeans and blue adidas sneakers.
her white hand rests on her hand.
i have been to san fran. i need to go there to get my dutch passport updated
she’s training for work at a produce market
i have camembert cheese, a navel orange, and a coke
he’s happy. she does’t know how to do the program. he gets to show her how to make it work. i want to take off my hat. my hair is sloppy. i don’t dare take off my orange wool hat. i take off my hat. i hope i don’t look uncomely. i haven’t cut my hair in months. no one is looking my way. i don’t know if i want to take off my denim jacket. i have a denim shirt on that i like. i have thought about taking off the denim jacket for a good hour. what do i care what i look like? i don’t know anyone. i have eczema in my ear. i’m
not thinking. i’m thinking that i’m not thinking. she is aware that she is a novice.
i want to talk to the square and not do anything. i want to have oral sex. i have no idea what makes her happy. she’s a cunt. she made me laugh. when i get sad i take off my glasses so i can’t see the faces.
i’ll work on categories and sub categories, he said. you add products and chop up spread sheets.
why do i want to hide my hair under my wool hat? why cant i have hair sticking out. leonardo is doing well. so long he can challenge himself i’m doing well. everything is good. i want to smoke. i can’t smoke.
the data base. her go to word was filter. everything is filtered.
the two overweight women are talking about suicide prevention for folk with chronic illnesses.
my mind is slow. it isn’t making connections. when i see the doc he will highlight the issues that will produce the thoughts that will lead to more thoughts that dissipate in a day or two.
what time did i leave? i think i left at 3 pm.
he gets the coffee for her. they sit with their back to the wall. i have no idea what my hair looks like. it would be such a relief not to have to worry about what my hair looks like. women want to adjust what you look like. i saw a fat woman. she was with a thin dude with a repugnant ponytail. when i feel my hair i have an idea what my hair looks like. sometimes it can be so flat and thick and out of control on the side that i want to break something. they enjoy each other. she is happy to have him. she has folk to show him to. they know about him. she knows that they know about him. it is in concord. my friend is posting photos of himself and his new girlfriend he has been with her for four years. another one of my friends’ who is too stubborn not to be a criminal likes his posts and ignores mine. i hate his guts for that.
she’s american indian and short. he is asian, compact and short.
he is stalking me, she said.
she has a good voice. it is used to getting what it wants and then some.
you run the food that is enough, he said.
nick run your own food, she said.
he has a japanese accent. she has an american accent.
i don’t trust anybody, she said.
i have a weird feeling about greig, he said.
is he a spy, she said. no one comes in for an interview. everything was already put into motion. you see the place settings. i’m going out there. oh my  god. i’m going out blind to a table. what is going on?
they work together. they have this in common. they talk serving and colleagues.
i don’t know what i’m going to be tomorrow.
i‘ve heard this with so many people, she said. i can’t hear it anymore. i grabbed menus i haven’t seen her. she sounds like she has a comprehensible face. it is an erudite and opinionated tenor.