I have a reddish purple thing on my right eyelid.
Don’t touch me with your eye juice, my daughter said.
I have been two years at Granada Court. They raise the rent a hundred dollars every year. The on ground manager is a fallow large woman
Are you moody, Amanda said.
No, I said. I have been reading. I have a lot on my mind. Thea doesn’t want to stay over night at camp. She wants to do a day camp. Thanks for the advise you gave me. I think Sheila will place Thea in the day camp. Thea and I were playing Chess. We talk about the moves we make. She made a move just to make it. And then she moved the piece back to where it was after I made my move.  If you want to play Chess we have to follow the rules, I said. If you just want to play around we can do that too. We can do whatever with the pieces. I really want to teach you a few things about Chess. It is much like tennis. How are your children?
I don’t have them this weekend, Amanda said. I won’t see them till Tuesday.
Amanda was impatient like the foreign radio cab driver I had yesterday.
I paid for the beet salad and corn pizza. We walked to her green Toyota. When we got near my place for the second time she said do you want to go home. We had planned to eat the corn pizza in her yard. No, I said.
I ranted about the rabio cab driver. It disturbed me how indifferent he was to my daughter and myself. He had a long tedious work day like Amanda does filling out proposals and grants for the non profit she works for so that it is and remains non profit.
Are you done, Amanda said.
I didn’t say anything.
It was the last time I saw her. She texted me everyday that she loved me. She said she wanted to be with me forever.
You’re a prince, Amanda said. Don’t come back.
Amanda was angry because I didn’t share the beet salad. I told her that I wanted the beet salad for myself and that she could have the corn pizza that she had lobbied for when we began our evening.
Amanda didn’t want to suffer my impotence. She was angry that I didn’t fuck her for the four months I saw her. We had a number of issues to work through before we could even think about having sex, which took us several months.
Amanda introduced me to Paul Newman’s daughter’s partner.
I felt nauseous and dizzy. She told me five minutes who he was before we met him at his artist booth. Someone had hours before offered him a gallery show. He was very sincere and optimistic. I congratulated him on his future show. It is to be his first.
Paul Newman’s daughter is used to people wanting to use her. She has a foundation.  She is very thoughtful and generous with it. She trusts the brother of a famous actor because he also is used to people wanting to use him to get to his brother.
I am somewhat sensitive to the singleminded behavior of people using someone to get closer to someone powerful. My mother married an influential artist.