i read an article in the atlantic about the sats and job applicants having to take intelligence tests.
when amanda heard something she didn’t like or when i didn’t make myself clear she disappeared. i had no idea where she went.
amanda made salmon and potatoes. i brought beaujolais red wine.
she said i obfuscate. there are things i won’t talk about anymore. she said she doesn’t have anything to hide. we knew everyone had something to hide. when i got home in the morning i felt groggy from the wine.
i tried to sleep but wasn’t able to. i masturbated to porn on my iphone; an obese woman smoked a cigarette. she had a blunt mouth. a desultory white dude breathed in second hand smoke.

test taker 1 wanted to stay and answer the questions. he had seen ones like them. he saw that he was going to do well. he had his head down. never look at anyone else. the test giver will say that you are cheating. the other test takers were going to look at test taker 2. he wanted to look at her. he wanted to make her like him. she didn’t know him. he went with the test takers to go look at her. he had answered the questions. he felt invincible. he could have what he had always wanted. they pulled down their drawers. they were looking at him looking at her. she was looking at him and at them looking at her. she was ready. she had seen them berate another woman test taker. they didn’t feel ashamed when they sent her dic pics and test scores. test taker 1 took the test because they said he had to take it. he didn’t question them. he felt righteous. he closed his eyes and counted out loud. he felt innocent when he couldn’t see. the test takers were looking at him with approval. he didn’t want to take the test over. they said he cheated. he said he could take the test with his eyes closed. test taker 2 stuck her fingers in his mouth. he sucked on them. she was a good test taker. she had a future. she wasn’t dumb enough to dissemble her feelings. test taker 1 saw the test giver looking his way. he had his dick out. he had a white face and blood shot eyes. test taker 1 pretended to like him. he sucked him off. he stabbed him in the neck. the test giver died slowly. he would never look at test taker 1 pining for test taker 2. she looked helpless and silent. she was taking the test. she didn’t want to tell him that the test giver had given her the answers. they would take everything away from her. she would save herself like everyone saved themselves. the test taker wanted her to write a one page essay about what she wanted to achieve in life. she wanted to write about the sister organization that prepared the test takers. she was taking the test again in the morning. they would see that she was still objective. she didn’t need the test giver to tell her what is or isn’t real. test taker 1 wanted to tape her eyes shut. he didn’t want her to see him. he didn’t want to think about himself. he only wanted to think about her.