it’s a boys club, u said. there aren’t any women at adidas.
yeah you need some more, f said.
better to have a team, y said. that is what’s happening next year. i went in for one job.
w’s the main project manager. things are falling in place.  alot of fun.
u is very pretty and sexy. she has pink hair. i want to put my dick in her hair. she has a british accent, wide hips and wide breasts.
u is dorky, and thin. he has curly black hair. he looks like mucous.
have you worked in other companies in portland, f said.
i haven’t, u said. i haven’t.
oh, f said.
i’ve turned things down, f said.
you should meet tommy, u said. he’s fantastic. you should meet him.
they do one day shoots for nike.
FUCK NIKE, i said to myself.
cool, said f.
i have their names, said need to look them up.
f is so painfully good looking.
my tv friends help me out, f said.
i’m glad i did commercials first before tv, u said. commercial is faster. send me petty cash. send me a credit card.
sounds exciting, f said.
what do you think is the best thing for me to do, f said.
you and i should keep in touch, u said. we can go out and have a beer not in a bad way.
i feel pity for f. she is too attractive. every man wants to use her or posses her.
there is money coming in from everywhere, u said. i bought a house.
f is married. what beautiful healthy woman isn’t married?
they want people for not good wages, u said. you live in portland we’re not going to give you good wages. they do amazing content pieces. one splash page. the instagram is being revamped.
how many people are working there, f said.
25, u said.
i’m in episode number 4, u said. look out for me.
i didn’t see my therapist. i asked for another appointment. he won’t contact me for two or three weeks unless i contact him. i won’t contact him. i don’t expect to hear from him for the next two or three weeks. i cant think. my mind is slowing down or at least that’s what i’m telling myself. i’m unemployed. i haven’t had anything going on for years. i’m isolated like an old retiree. i have been thinking about helping the elderly.
i saw a french movie about a murderer who preyed on the elderly. they found two elderly women dead in city park.
i killed them, i said. i fucking killed them.
u is talking about his success to a beautiful woman but he can’t have her.
it’s frustrating him. he feels good he can help her.
do you have any other questions, u said. you should meet with dan.
i’ve been talking to two guys, f said.
john, u said.
jonathan, f said.
i killed them, i said. i fucking killed them.
what, f said.
uh yeah, said u. uh okay dude.
don’t yes me, i said. FUCKER!!!!! you skinny fuck.
take it easy, u said.
shut up you british bitch, i said.
don’t you talk like that to her, u said.
don’t you care, i said. i killed the two old ladies.
i don’t believe you, u said.
i’ll do it again. god help me motherfucker. i can’t help myself. i have a disease. i hate the two old ladies. i saw them. every day. i read them stories. they had money. they held on to it. they gave it to charities and not to me. i needed it. i asked for a hundred dollars for my medication. they said i didn’t need it. the older one talked to me about her grandchildren. she had countless children and grandchildren and their children had countless children and grandchildren. i didn’t think modern women had as many children as they had. she was a hundred years old. she had them
with one man. none of the grandchildren were there when i was with her. she had photos of them. she knew all their names. she had dementia but she remembered
the name of every grandchild. she didn’t remember my name when i choked her
let’s get out of here, f said.
yeah, u said. i’m sorry.
oh no, f said. it’s not your fault.