i don’t want to know her name at first. she has a thick mouth and gaps between her teeth. her eyes are blue. her skin is brown she identifies as queer white and indian. she’s five foot four and twenty eight years old.

do you make websites, i said.
sorta, she said.
that’s grand, i said.
i’m a communist, i said.
sexy, she said. communism turns me on.
i’m reading lenin and mao again, i said.
ohh talk dirty to me, she said.
i dream about sucking lenin’s cock every night, i said.
in my dream lenin tells me how he hates the lawyers and the doctors who tell the working class how to think. he thinks they can think for themselves.
oh, my god yes, she said. tell those fucking poor people how to think.
it makes me so wet.
the lawyers and doctors have their own societies. they recommend one to the other.
mao winks and stabs me with a bayonet. no blood comes out of my body.
lenin tells me how to live and how to die. he tells me when to cum. you can choose who you want to die for he said.
this is getting weird, she said.
lenin never ejaculates, i said. his cock is pure theory.
mao says i have petty bourgeosie guilt because i only want to fuck one woman for the rest of her life from my class. he says i should fuck everyone for free.
my dreams have no dialogue, she said.
i like your skin tone, i said.
it’s oily, she said.
its shiny and youthful, i said.
i don’t take good care of my skin, she said. i don’t have to.
no you are perfect, i said.
do you want me to do your website, she said.
what is your fee, i said.
three thousand dollars, she said.
what can you do for five hundred dollars, i said.
nothing, she said.
i’m not interested, i said. i’m saving money for the revolution.
please send me money on square space or paypal, she said. i’ll send you a photo of me tied up by a stranger.
okay, i said.
i’m learning to ask for what i want, she said. it’s liberating. i used to not know what i wanted or i was too shy to ask for it.
it must feel freeing to be tied up by someone you don’t know, i said.
it does, she said.
i’m starting a transgender communist club on facebook, i said. i’ve written a manifesto for it.
i just had three orgasms, she said. i’m not faking it. i swear two were authentic, the last one was fabricated.